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The right insights can help your team make an impact and boost margin contribution and EBITDA within a couple of weeks. Transactional systems and spreadsheets are holding you back from achieving your targets today. Your current tools are simply not powerful enough to instantly calculate the best plans based on various scenarios, respecting all relevant constraints and correlations. To better compete in the industry, you need to modernize your software.

Read about AIMMS S&OP Navigator, our solution for today's busy supply chain executive, and uncover how you can boost margin contribution and EBITDA with improved S&OP.


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Looking for the right technology to self-enable your team? Discover AIMMS SC Navigator™

AIMMS SC Navigator is a new suite of configurable cloud-based Apps that tap into the power and performance of the AIMMS Prescriptive Analytics Platform but are created specifically for the needs of supply chain teams without a data science or analytics background. 

Learn about our new Apps

Network Design Navigator

A Network Design App that combines powerful modeling capability with breakthrough usability to support you every step of the way.

S&OP Navigator

A Sales and Operations Planning App that facilitates ease of collaboration and uses powerful Prescriptive Analytics for scenario modeling.

Data Navigator

An integrated Supply Chain cloud database that brings structure to complexity and enables you to share data across multiple functional areas.

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